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Mr. Lee operates one of the elite plaintiff-side litigation practices in the United States, having brought hundreds of lawsuits across the country.  He has dedicated his career to fighting against corporate misconduct.  Mr. Lee focuses on novel litigation strategies that increase rights for workers, consumers and the disabled.  His work has changed the lives of millions of people.


For years, Mr. Lee has represented workers on both an individual and class basis, for wage claims, discrimination and harassment matters.  Mr. Lee's work in employment law has generated millions of dollars to thousands of workers throughout the United States.  Opinions from cases that he has worked on have expanded workers' rights and have been cited and followed by federal judges in hundreds of opinions.  He has never lost a jury trial on behalf of plaintiffs; even when an immigrant plaintiff was unable to attend his trial due to visa issues, Mr. Lee was able to obtain a jury verdict in his favor.  See Kim v. 511 E. 5th Street, LLC., SDNY 12-cv-8096.


Mr. Lee's practice is not just national in scope, but also international.  Mr. Lee has investigated and filed claims against Samsung (Korea), Chinese Manufactured Laminant Flooring, The Federal Republic of Germany and Takata Airbags (Japan).   Mr. Lee has also investigated false organic coconut claims by meeting with coconut farmers in Thailand and worked with experts in New Zealand to prosecute false honey claims.  Mr. Lee has also defended hedge fund managers in Asia against the Securities and Exchange Commission, resulting in complete dismissals by the SEC after travelling to Hong Kong and Macau to conduct forensic e-discovery.  Mr. Lee was the first to investigate and file a multi-district litigation lawsuit against General Motors for defective air conditioning condensers.


Mr. Lee was counsel on Andrews v. Blick Art Materials, LLC , No. 17-CV-767, 2017 WL 3278898, 268 F.Supp.3d 381 (E.D.N.Y. Aug. 1, 2017), the seminal case which determined that websites are places of public accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Due to this decision, companies throughout the United States have had to change their corporate policies to ensure that websites are accessible to the visual and hearing impaired.  In addition, because of Mr. Lee's ground-breaking work against live Broadway shows, live venues throughout the United States now provide audio descriptions and captioning devices.  Mr. Lee was also responsible for the City of New York installing audio beacons (i.e. accessible pedestrian signals) that allow visually impaired pedestrians to safely cross intersections.  Mr. Lee is currently suing the MTA to install platform barriers to mitigate the risk of death and injury. 


Immediately after graduating law school, Mr. Lee worked as part of the team that took the first three Asian Internet companies public on NASDAQ: Chinadotcom Corporation (Ticker: CHINA), AsianInfo Holdings (Ticker: ASIA) and Korea Thrunet (Ticker: KOREA).  Mr. Lee was also a venture capital manager at AsiaTech Ventures Ltd. and an investment banker at HSBC Private Equity (Hong Kong) Ltd.  During his time at HSBC, Mr. Lee was responsible for technology investments in South Korea and Greater China.  Mr. Lee subsequently worked in structured products, and was part of the team that closed over $100 billion in notional amounts of collateralized debt and loan obligations, in both straight and synthetic structures, which contributed to the housing market meltdown in March 2008.  In addition to adjudicating moot court competitions throughout the United States, Mr. Lee has also been a panel speaker at various industry conferences.


Mr. Lee is a published poet and novelist.  He is an accomplished musician who has performed throughout the United States and Asia, including with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra at Avery Fisher Hall (currently, David Geffen Hall). He owns one of the most extensive vintage saxophone collections in the world.  In his spare time, Mr. Lee enjoys gardening, Japanese Shogi and Chinese Go.