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Wheelchair accessibility

The ADA calls for wheelchair ramps on street corners as well as accessible entrances to buildings. If you are wheelchair-bound and unable to access places of public accommodations, contact us.

Website accessibility

Our firm has obtained positive results for the blind community and achieved the first opinion in SDNY and EDNY that mandated website accessibility standards for websites on behalf of the blind community. Thus, individuals who are visually impaired have the right to access websites as sighted individuals do.


According to WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, persons with visual impairments reserve the right to access a website using screen reading software. Oftentimes, companies do not design their websites to be compliant with WCAG Guidelines, and thus their websites are inaccessible to disabled persons who attempt to access them. This is illegal.

Closed captioning

Persons with hearing impairments reserve the right to access website videos with the help of closed captioning and other visual aids. If a company does not include closed captioning on its video content, this is illegal.

Diabetes Accommodations

Persons diagnosed with diabetes require special dietary accommodations often unavailable at public facilities and event spaces, such as sports stadiums. These individuals must have the right to bring their own food despite any "no outside food" policy. There must be exceptions to these policies as this is a health and safety concern.


If you encountered any discrimination during your visit to a public facility or was denied service because of your disability, contact us.